Adelaide Year 6 Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 6 Maths Tuition

Adelaide Year 6 Maths Tuition

After working with our year 6 maths tutors, students at REM+ Tuition will:

  • be confident in their own ability
  • be positive towards the challenges that maths presents
  • have belief in their own ability
  • love the subject of maths

In order to achieve this, the following topics and areas of study are covered:

  • area and perimeter of varying shapes
  • rounding, to the nearest tenth, unit, etc.
  • money problems
  • the different types of angles
  • angles and measurement (especially within triangles)
  • measurement – the conversion of units to equivalent units
  • adding and subtracting complex numbers
  • problem solving
  • short division
  • percentages
  • ratios
  • graphing

Our Year 6 maths tuition sessions consist of work in small groups of up to 6 students, and typical classes include the following activities and learning opportunities:

  • Welcome and a review of the students’ activities during the preceding week
  • Tuition sessions start with a warm-up activity, such as oral questions, maths speed tasks, true or false questions or flash cards
  • Classes begin with an introduction, that includes revision and discussion of the concepts and exercises covered on worksheets
  • Our maths tutors work individually with students throughout sessions, answering questions, explaining concepts and marking completed work, all the time encouraging and challenging students to work to their full potential
  • The learning in tuition sessions concludes with a summary of the concepts covered
  • Classes finishing with a fun activity, like fraction dominoes, maths bingo, and challenging problems
  • Maths tutors offer positive acknowledgement of each student’s effort, participation and progress during the lesson, and offer suggestions for follow up activities before the next session