Adelaide Year 11 Chemistry Tuition

Adelaide Year 11 Chemistry Tuition

Adelaide Year 11 Chemistry Tuition

Year 11 Chemistry is, for many students, the first time they will be studying a specialised science subject, having followed a pathway through junior science. The concepts and topics introduced are foundational for Stage Two Chemistry and therefore it is very important to ensure that students have a good knowledge of both the theory and the practical components of the course.

Past experience demonstrates that students who ensure they understand all concepts as they are presented will be rewarded with greater success. Our specialist science tutors offer advice and personalised guidance that supports what students are doing in class at school and so helps them be as well prepared as they can for Year 12 Chemistry.

Chemistry topics are interconnected, so the topics studied early in the school year are continually built upon and expanded to include many concepts that enable a student to apply their knowledge to a range of real world problems.

The three strands of science to be integrated throughout student learning are:

  • science inquiry skills
  • science as a human endeavour
  • science understanding

The topics for Stage 1 Chemistry are:

  • Topic 1: Materials and Their Atoms
  • Topic 2: Combinations of Atoms
  • Topic 3: Molecules
  • Topic 4: Mixtures and Solutions
  • Topic 5: Acid and Bases
  • Topic 6: Redox Reactions

A typical Chemistry tuition session will include clarification, and in some cases ‘reteaching’ a topic. Our specialist science tutors support students with their homework, the drafting of assessment tasks, and provide additional resources so as to support students’ learning and revision of concepts in preparation for tests and exams.

REM+ Tuition, 1/190 Glynburn Road, Tranmere SA 5073
Monday 5.30pm-6.30pm
Year 11 Chemistry students at Adelaide secondary schools
$67 per hour